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Technology Overview


Instrumems technology was developed at Princeton University for over a decade. The sensors are manufactured using standard semi-conductor, MEMS, fabrication techniques, which includes some unique process steps. By using various electronic methods, the sensor is capable of measuring flow, temperature, velocity and humidity. The small thermal mass of the sensors allows measurement at high frequencies from 10kHz to 100kHz, and therefore superior temporal resolution. The small size of the sensing element allows a very high spatial resolution.


Instrumems developed unique software and electronics that allow ease of data transfer including BLE and Wi-Fi modules. The low power consumption makes the technology ideal for battery operated devices. The company developed proprietary fluid mechanics models that are integrated into the algorithms and enable measurement of different flow quantities simultaneously with one sensor, such as flow and temperature.











Instrumems provides unique packaging solutions that can be customized from full module (including electronics and wireless interface) to packaged die.


Packaged flow and temperature sensor


Battery operated spirometer with BLE


Flow sensor with standalone software




Instrumems pioneered a commercial fabrication process that leverages wet and dry etching and other semiconductor manufacturing techniques to batch produce the sensors. These new techniques allow for higher volume, lower cost production than was ever before. The batch fabrication technique also allows tight process control ensures repeatability. The fabrication includes a few processing steps where the Silicon wafer is shaped using photolithography, dry and wet etching and metal deposition. Then each sensor is released from the wafer and packed.

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