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Instrumems Named a 2022 Best of Sensors Award Winner

LOS ALTOS, Calif., June 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Instrumems, a pioneer in smart multi-sensor solutions, announced it has been named a winner of an Innovative Award in the MEMS category. Instrumems' multi-sense solution is the first MEMS nanosensor that accurately measures flow, temperature, gas concentration and detects bubbles using a single sensor. Its multi-sense platform is ideal for low-power applications requiring real-time sensing in respiratory devices, such as smart inhalers, refrigerant detection, additive manufacturing, etc. Instrumems' multi-sense solution was also named a finalist in the Industrial Sensors category. The 2022 Best of Sensors annual awards recognizes excellence and impact in innovative sensor technologies. Presented by Questex's Sensors Converge and Fierce Electronics, the highly regarded annual awards program honors the best in sensor technologies within the sensor ecosystem, people and companies.

A panel of expert judges selected all award recipients based on the products' or individuals' value to the marketplace, the impact of the problems it solves or issues it addresses, and the uniqueness of the design. The awards ceremony occurred at Sensors Converge in San Jose, California, June 27-29th.

"We're thrilled and honored to win this prestigious Best of Sensors Award," said Gilad Arwatz, Instrumems' founder and CEO. "As the sensor market continues to evolve, Instrumems will continue advancing the flow sensing capabilities of our multi-sensing platform to support our customers' product manufacturing requirements."

Instrumems' sensing technology opens the door for many industries to integrate cutting-edge flow and temperature sensors into products and devices previously unworkable due to accuracy, form factor, and cost. The company's multi-sense platform breakthrough enables customers to produce advanced features and modernize, miniaturize, or reinvent their products to be more competitive and aesthetically appealing. Thanks to the MEMS manufacturing process, the company's MEMS sensor has achieved a high-frequency response, low power, and small size. The core technology is based on hot wire anemometry traditionally used for accurate flow measurement. Instrumems' sensor offers high repeatability, with an unmatched platinum filament that is robust against shock and vibration.

Charlene Soucy, Senior Director, Sensors & Electronics, said, "The winners have outdone themselves this year with their innovations and perseverance. We are thrilled to honor them as the best in the industry. We congratulate them on their well-deserved accomplishments."

About Instrumems

Based in Silicon Valley, Instrumems is an award-winning, venture-backed trailblazer, raising the bar in the flow sensor market with its MEMS-based, multi-sense solution. The company was founded to advance flow sensing capabilities and

broaden adoption into more markets such as medical, IoT, and industrial applications. With unmatched response time, the company's sensors are ideal for applications that require fast response and real-time monitoring. Instrumems' breakthrough sensing technology drives down the cost, power consumption, and size, enabling industrial and consumer product manufacturers to adopt a smart sensing solution in any device. Instrumems is an innovative spin-off of Princeton University research. For more information, visit

Press Contact: Carmen Hughes Ignite X 650.576.6444

SOURCE Instrumems

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