Sensing Technology

Flow, Temperature, Velocity, Humidity and more

Fast, Accurate, Small

Instrumems is a fabless semiconductor company that has developed a novel “nanowire” sensing platform. Our platform enables sensor fusion and high accuracy measurements of flow, temperature, velocity and humidity. Our sensors are fast, accurate, small and low power and, coupled with sophisticated algorithms and software, provide a full sensing solution.


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Instrumems sensors allow the measurement of



Instrumems offers high performance, reliable and low-cost sensors for different markets, which span a wide range of applications such as medical, IoT and variety of industrial applications. The technology is also ideal for low power applications that require real-time sensing.
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Instrumems developed the fastest flow and temperature sensors. With improving data collection and storage solutions, there is a need for fast sensors that can keep up with high frequency digital devices. Instrumems offers a new sensing platform with superior performance, capable of measuring different flow quantities.

Due to a novel principle of operation, the new nano-sensor has a frequency response of up to 100kHz and a relatively low price tag.