Market Opportunity


With improving data collection and storage solutions, there is a need for fast sensors that can keep up with high frequency digital devices. Most available sensing are based on traditional measuring techniques that had not been improved for many years. Instrumems offers a new sensing platform with superior performance, capable of measuring different flow quantities.

Due to a novel principle of operation, the new nano-sensor has a frequency response of up to 100kHz and a relatively low price tag.

A clear need for a reliable and low-cost measurement device was recognized in the natural gas industry where a complicated, delicate and expensive system is adopted to measure water content.

Another interesting market opportunity was recognized in the $2bn automotive temperature and humidity sensors industry where current humidity and temperature sensors are not capable of real-time engine monitoring due to the low frequency response and limited operation temperature.

The aerospace industry is moving towards smaller agile unmanned air vehicles that constantly require fast data streams. Current velocity sensors are not suitable for high frequency measurements. Instrumems velocity sensors have displayed unmatched performance in flows.

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