Sensing Technology

Electrical/Hardware Engineer

At Instrumems Inc. we are building the next generation of nano-sensors to measure velocity, temperature and humidity to be used in the next generation of drones, flowmeters, medical devices and more. Great technologies require great engineering and we are looking for a talented and passionate electrical/hardware engineer to be part of our Silicon Valley team. You will work hands-on on integrating our nanosensors into electric circuits on various products.

Your responsibilities include developing and testing low power low noise analog and digital electric circuits. The circuits that you develop will be the building block of our technology and therefore we are looking for an experienced engineer with minimum 5 years of relevant/similar work experience. You need to be an open-minded hands-on person who can do electric design and at the same time build test systems to calibrate and test the sensors. You'll also need to be familiar with MEMS devices and be able to design appropriate circuits to operate them.


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