About Instrumems

Instrumems Inc. was founded by Prof. Marcus Hultmark and Dr. Gilad Arwatz in 2016. The company was founded to commercialize a new sensing technology capable of measuring velocity, temperature, and humidity of gaseous and fluid flows. The technology was originally developed and extensively validated at Princeton University. Instrumems sensors have the potential to replace traditional sensors in current applications as well to enable a broad range of new sensor-driven applications. Instrumems is currently headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley in Los Altos, California.

Our Vision

Sensing technologies are becoming more available and are being used almost everywhere as an integral part of the IoT from mobile phones to aerospace applications. In the last two decades, data collection and storage have improved significantly, driving sensing technologies to high resolution/high frequency measurements. Although significant innovation has been made in packaging and modification of sensors, there hasn’t been significant innovations in new measurement techniques. Instrumems Inc. is based on a new nano-wire sensing platform, which allows measurement of temperature, velocity and humidity in a faster, cheaper and with a smaller footprint compared with conventional measuring techniques.